•MovieWhip Wedding Videography

How it works:

We offer you professional wedding and pre engagement videography service capturing all aspects of your pre wedding and wedding needs. Our premium wedding and event videography package includes a raw edit video and a highlight video. Our basic wedding and event videography package includes a raw edit video. The highlight video is an additional cost to customers who do not have our premium videgraphy package. Our event and wedding videography service is available for events and wedding day services at your venue of choice.

Our professional videographer will be in full control, providing professional lights, recommendations and angle shot directions of poses for professional shoots.

Professional video and audio will be recorded of your important vows and all other aspects of your wedding, including kinds words from your guest in your honor. You and your guests will have the luxury service of being directed in individual and family or friends group shots at your event.

We offer 1 or 2 videographers and use top of the line professional HD camcorders with 4k quality. Ask us about our multi videographer package deals or our other wedding service package deals we offer.



Call or message us for package rates.....


Final Video Edit:

A data DVD containing an MP4 of your full video edit with music overlays will be available to be mailed to you in 9-15 days after the service date.  An optional link can be shared for you to download.


Optional Additional Highlight Video:

An optional 15 minute or less highlight video is available to be created, edited and mailed to you on the same data DVD your full video edit comes on. The highlight video offers more effects than the full video edit and is designed to be more entertaining for family and friends to enjoy watching. The highlight video is included in our Premium Videography Package along with a raw edit video. Our Basic Videography Package includes the raw edit video. The highlight video comes with a free sharable link that you can share with family and friends.