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1 - 2 bedrooms

3 - 4 bedrooms

5 - 6 bedrooms

Commercial property

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Green Screen Studio Rental:

Film Maker Rental Fee $75.00 1/2 an hour  (2 hour minimum)

MovieWhip Chroma key Editing:

Every Two Minute Increment of Video - Contact us for pricing...

Music Publishing & Sound Recording Studio:

Publisher and Advertiser - Contact Us to be your music publisher. As your publisher, we offer the latest technical and intense advertising services that includes heavily promoted on-line pro commercials or pro films as we legally document your music as your publisher through our performing rights organization and assist you with copyrights and royalty payout set-up for all composers and/or song writers involved. Music business advice is also available to managers and musicians who have audio content that we are publishers of.

Studio Audio / Music Recording & Engineering $75.00 Every Two Hour Increment (2 hour minimum)

Music & Movie / TV Film Soud Effects and musical audio production. (pricing and licensing rights are negotiable)

Mastering per audio recording - Contact Us for pricing...