Our Service:

Client & Celebrity hair and make-up artist and barber is available by request for our photography and film making projects. A dedicated celebrity hair make-up barber is availble for travel nationaly and available for touch ups at the gig locations. Contact Us for specifics and pricing for this.

All film productions, that are viewable on-line on MovieWhip.com and search engines, are filmed, edited, maintained and web hosted by and through us until we are notified of expiration of the listing(s).

Making your media searchable and viewable through on-line search engines is optional for venues, TV shows, motion pictures or other recordings we film for you.   Film productions we film for the purpose of on-line advertising, through our SEO service, will be made viewable to on-line viewers and shoppers.

One sided photography view of the filmed subject is part of our production as it is used as a clickable link to your film on MovieWhip.com.

The average turnaround time to have your film production completed, edited and ready to deliver after filming is 2 - 5 days.   However, we require a 9 - 19 day processing time for productions like weddings, venues and commercials to have your film production completed to give you in person and/or have it viewable on-line.  Larger full movie and detailed projects may require more time than 15 days depending on the effects, film locations and film production requirements.  Time sensitive material can be expedited.

A data dvd containing an MP4 of the completed film(s) can be made available to the client in person , through mail or shared through a cloud service after the film is completed.

For real estate, each bedroom after 6 bedrooms will be charged an additional fee of $15.00 per room.

For real estate, rooms in residential real estate property that are not categorized as bedrooms are included for free in our service prices.

For real estate, there is a minimum one bedroom requirement to receive our service for most residential real estate property.

For real estate, commercial and categorized residential real estate property with-out bedrooms will be charged $275.00 per address.

For real estate, commercial and categorized residential real estate property with-out bedrooms will be charged an additional 5¢ per sq. ft. for space beyond 3000 sq. ft.

For all types of film productions, there is a 59¢ per mile trip charge for film locations that have a travel requirement of greater than 45 miles from the zip code of 77070 collectively (The Greater Houston Texas area).

Service Length:

For real estate and big ticket items like cars at car dealerships and those selling automobiles, planes, boats and etc, your production through our service will last the life of that listing.  Expired listings will be removed once we are notified.  For all other film production services we offer such as commercials, TV shows, movies and venues, we reserve the right to implement monthly reoccurring fees at any time, in order to continue to make your production visible on-line.  Monthly, reoccurring fees may be subject to change.

Contact Us About Discounted Pricing:

We offer promotional discounts on our rates.  Contact Us to hear more about discounts.